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New Bale Plucker of SAURER JINTAN

Feb 22 2018
SAURER JINTAN present his new model of Bale Plucker JSB008C increasing its productivity. 

present in this beginning of 2018, his new Bale Plucker model JSB008C. A new upgrade from the last model FA008B that allows to reach a prodution rate of 2.000 Kg/ Hour. 

The JSB008C offer the possibility to increase the length of arm up to 2.500 mm., so it can pluck four bales in width at one time, excelllent performance in plucking and mixture. 

It increase the teeth of beater from 196 to 366, to ensure the plucking of flock much finer. 

Remove the roller in the middle to ensure the flocks delivered by air current smoothly.

Ribs with the fixed and instregated structure become stiffer, so the gauge size is more accurate. 


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