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TOMSIC brothers celebrate their 25th birthday at the family business

May 29 2017
In 1992, the second generation of the Tomsic family took over the management of the company.

The family company TOMSIC has been present in the textile sector since 1956. In its beginnings, Carlo Tomsic, founder of the company, established a very close commercial relationship with VOUK TEXTIL MACHINERY, one of the largest producers of machinery in the world.

In 1992 the complete management of the company passed to the second generation of the family. The Tomsic brothers (Mr. Ladi Tomsic and Mr. Silvan Tomsic) ceased their collaboration with the VOUK company and started with a new strategy that transformed the company into the current one.

They have continued to develop innovative products, controlling to improve the quality of card sliver, and laboratory equipment very important for the analysis of card sliver, ronvings and yarns, whether made of cotton or synthetic fiber. TOMSIC engineers have designed, created and tested all products in full respect of safety and environmental impact, in the same company structure based in Gorizia (Italy). Thanks to its strong business philosophy, TOMSIC and its products are well known in most of the world markets.


Source: Tomsic

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